Men's Shoes

When it comes to what shoes to wear for graduation, you've got a few options. Find a pair that suits your style, matches your outfit, and lets you stride confidently into this new chapter of success. You might even be telling your success story on that same stage for the undergrads one day! You're not just stepping into a graduation ceremony; you're stepping into a world of possibilities and freedom, surrounded by friends and fellow students ready to make their mark in this chapter of history.

Dress Shoes

When it comes to graduation ceremonies, dress shoes are definitely an easy go-to choice. They show off the sophistication your presence gives off after receiving your new degree. They also add a touch of formality to your outfit - perfect for a prestigious and formal occasion like a graduation ceremony.

Among dress shoes, the Oxford shoe stands out as the top pick. It's a classic design that's been popular for decades, and for good reason. It gives off a timeless elegance; modern, stylish, and comfortable. Make sure you match the shoes to your shirt, too - coordination makes a statement.


If you're looking for something a little more laidback but still sophisticated, loafers are a smart choice that balances comfort and style really well for your graduation ceremony.

Loafers are definitely the more comfortable and relaxed option in comparison to Oxford shoes. You can easily slip them on and off and they look fantastic all polished up on stage.

There are a variety of options available that mix up sophistication and comfort. For the girls, it's becoming quite popular to wear loafers on that longed-for date, too!

Women's Shoes

Graduation is a ceremony filled with success, mingling, and fashion for every student. We know you've been stressing about what shoes to strut the stage in - but thankfully, women's shoes present endless choices. Don't worry, we've got the best choices for graduations, and you'll be able to wear them for other ceremonies, too.


A graduation ceremony is a special occasion - it doesn't happen every day! Sandals are an excellent choice for women looking for comfort and style. Strappy sandals, in particular, are a great alternative if you don't want the height of heels or wedges. They have a balance between elegance and ease, perfectly suited for the celebration. You can easily find sandals that offer a chic and relaxed look, while still being sophisticated and formal. You'll feel confident about your school celebration with your best friends and graduates, and the photos will look amazing!


When we say women's shoes, your mind probably immediately went to heels - and that's because it's a classic! They're a standard when it comes to formal shoes and make you look elegant. In fact, the extra height will make you feel even more confident and definitely a lot less nervous to walk the stage. They can definitely hurt your feet after a few hours, though, so you might end up having to carry them when you leave the after-party. But still, it's worth it!  


If you're not exactly used to walking in heels or you're looking for something a little more comfortable, wedges are definitely the middle ground. They still give you a bit of formal height, but they're certainly a lot easier to strut the school stage in.


If you're a little anxious about walking in any kind of heel for graduation, flats are the go-to for comfort. They still have the elegance of wedges and heels, but they're stable and will keep you grounded.


What kind of shoes should I wear to a UK graduation?

This totally depends on your style and desired level of comfort, as well as the dress requirements of your college or university. You can go for comfortable flats, smart shoes, or fashionable heels - whichever you feel most confident in.

What can I wear instead of heels for graduation?

If heels aren't your thing, try smart-chic flats or even sandals. Not only will you be comfortable, but the style will still fit the occasion. Opt for a neutral pair like tan or black. You can even choose a pair with a slight heel to create the perfect balance.

What do you wear to graduation?

Of course, you'll have to wear your graduation cap and gown! However, underneath that you should go for a smart outfit. Try a nice dress, or trousers and a shirt with a blazer. Wear shoes that are smart, comfortable, and reflect your style.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your shoe choice is all about you, your style, and your comfort. And that means that if your university doesn't have a strict outfit code, you should show off your character. Now that you know what shoes you're crossing the stage in for your graduation ceremony, maybe it's time to think a little deeper. Of course, you need to get your graduation gown, but what else? At Armstrong and Oxford, we understand how important graduation ceremonies are for our students. Immortalise the moment with some professional photos and quality certificate framing to proudly show off your achievement for everyone to see!